Faiz Ur Rehman

Mr. FAIZ UR Rehman - Resource Manager

Mr.Faiz Ur Rehman: Ensuring Ethical Procurement for Qurbani Easy


At Qurbani Easy, we are committed to providing a seamless and ethically sound Qurbani experience for our pilgrims. Faiz Ur Rehman, our dedicated Resource Manager, plays a crucial role in this endeavor. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication ensure the responsible and ethical procurement of sacrificial animals, upholding the sacred significance of


A Legacy of Expertise:

For over two decades, Faiz has honed his expertise in sourcing high-quality animals that meet all religious and ethical requirements. He meticulously manages the procurement process, establishing reliable partnerships with local farmers and adhering to strict selection criteria.


Beyond Procurement:

Faiz’s commitment goes beyond simply acquiring animals. He emphasizes the importance of aligning the selection process with the profound meaning of Qurbani. He ensures that each animal meets the specific age and health standards outlined by religious guidelines, reflecting a deep respect for the sacred nature of the sacrifice.


Upholding Ethical Standards:

Faiz prioritizes ethical practices throughout the procurement process. He fosters a culture of responsible animal handling and ensures humane treatment at every stage. This commitment aligns with QurbaniEasy’s core values and guarantees that the act of sacrifice is performed with utmost respect and compassion.


A Pillar of Qurbani Easy:

Faiz’s dedication and expertise are fundamental to QurbaniEasy’s mission. He plays a vital role in ensuring the availability of suitable animals while upholding the ethical and religious principles that define Qurbani. His unwavering commitment contributes significantly to the spiritual fulfillment of our pilgrims.