Sheep/She Goat


To accommodate people with lower budget, but high spirit, we are offering, probably, the most economical solution through this category in which a Sheep/she-goat) will be sacrificed to get you the blessings of Allah.




A goat to be sacrificed on your behalf. Meat will be distributed cooked or raw (according to users choice) among needy people. Photos and videos of the whole process will be provided to the subscriber.




All the qurbanis at Qurbani Easy  are done following the rules and regulations set by UP government. The  Aqeeqa Qurbanis on bigger animals (Except 3 Days of Eid Ul Adha) are performed in the slaughter house only. Since the photography and videography is prohibited in the slaughter houses, the videos and photos of execution cannot be provided. However the photos of distribution of the material will be sent to you as soon as they are ready.

About Aqeeqah / Aqiqah


According to Sahih Ahadith, Aqeeqah is a Sunnah act and a Sadqah. Parents perform this Sadqah after the birth of their child, usually, on the seventh day. While it involves sacrificing an animal, some parents may not be able to do it within a few days after the birth of their child, so they can postpone it for any convenient time. But it advisable to perform before child reaches puberty.


There are different rules for performing the Aqeeqah of a boy and a girl as evident from different Ahadees. On one occasion, the Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) has been narrated as directing his followers to sacrifice two sheeps (or goats) for a boy and one sheep (or a goat) for a girl. Regarding gender of the animal, it can be either male or female.

The Arabs used to perform Aqeeqah even before the advent of Islam. However, the rules and traditions were different. In Islam, after sacrificing the animal, the child’s head is shaved and smeared with saffron. Before Islam, the pagan Arabs used to smear the child’s head with the blood of the slaughtered animal. (Abu Dawood, 2843)


“If anyone has a child born to him and wishes to offer a sacrifice on its behalf, he may offer two resembling sheeps for a boy and one for a girl.”- Sunan Abu Daud-


“With every child, there is an Aqīqah. Sacrifice on behalf of the child, for indeed this will be a means to eliminate many harms from it”. (Bukhārī)

Perform Your Aqeeqah / Aqiqah through Qurbani Easy



  1. Aqiqah is most preferable (mustahabb) on the seventh day after a child is born. If it has been missed, then it is allowed to be carried out on the 14th or 21st day. If one is not capable of doing so, then a person may sacrifice any timebefore the puberty of the child.
  2. The condition of the animals in Aqiqah is the same as the conditions for the animals in Qurbani.
  3. Qurbani Easy has a special arrangement to distribute the cooked meat the poor people to reach them the best of your help. You can choose a package as per your wish.
  4. You will receive a video, where your name is read-out during Aqiqah, three days after its performed.
  5. Qurbani Easy Aqiqah Pack encompasses all these aspects and includes: The sacrifice of one or two Aqiqah animals (depending on sex “boy or a girl”) distributed to the poor and needy, including orphans and the elderly
  6. Ṣadaqah (charity) of gold or silver (or its value) is given to the poor, in the weight equal to the hair shaven. (MusnadAḥmad)
  7. The aqiqah will be performed every week on Friday.For those who wants to fulfil the sunnah on the 7th day, despite it not being a Friday of the week, we accept the request.
  8. The aqeeqah sacrifice will provided support to the poor and needy in some of the highly low socio economic areas of the India.
  9. Opting a sacrifice will get a fresh meat to an underprivileged family.
  10. The Aqiqah Certificate will be issued on a monthly cycle.