Hajj 2024 Qurbani Zabiha In Mecca

13600/- INR


22000/- INR


154000/- INR


Qurbani Easy is an Indian company which also performs sacrifice in Mecca, all those people who are going to perform their Hajj this year from any part of the world can book their Haj sacrifice through us.


Important information regarding Hajj Qurbani Zabiha In Mecca

  • All the sacrifices made under this category will be performed in Mecca only.
  • This category has been specially created for those who are performing their Hajj from any part of the world this year.
  • We will book the sacrifices under this category only till 27th June 2023.
  • We are starting Hajj sacrifice facility on our website to facilitate Hajis going to Haj from anywhere in the world.
  • In this category of Haj Qurbani we are not providing the video of Qurbani
  • After the sacrifice is done, we will inform you on your WhatsApp number that the sacrifice has been done on your behalf.
  • All Qurbanis will be hand slaughtered by practising Muslim slaughtermen without any pre or post stunning.
  • There will be a religious scholar to recite the name of the Qurbani donor on each individual animal just before Zabiha
  • We are sure you will be 100% satisfied with our service and would recommend Qurbani Easy to others.
  • May Almighty Allah (swt) accepts all our Qurbanis. Ameen