Hajj e Badal 2024

Hajj Badal | Hajj e Badal | Badal Hajj | Proxy Hajj | حجالبدل


Grant your parents, grandparents, or other cherished individuals the opportunity to experience the blessings of Hajj, even if they are unable to undertake the journey themselves. Our service connects you with knowledgeable students residing in the holy cities, who have already completed their own Hajj and possess a deep understanding of its significance. These individuals will act as proxies, performing Hajj Badal with sincerity and expertise. In doing so, you not only fulfill a special obligation for your loved ones but also empower these students to continue their academic pursuits and serve the Muslim community.


Haajj e Badal

Fulfill the sacred duty of Hajj on behalf of a loved one with our Haajj e Badal service, ensuring their spiritual journey is completed with reverence and devotion.

125000/- INR

 Definition: Hajj Badal [also known as: Badal Hajj, Hajj e Badal in Urdu, Hajj al Badal, Proxy Hajj,  hajjebadal, badal hajj etc.] is when someone gets a compulsory Hajj performed on his or her behalf by another person. Hajj Badal may be performed for another due to an ongoing illness for which there is no hope of a cure, or because of old age, or because the person has already passed away.

Ruling: Permissible to perform according to all four major schools of thought / madhab. Hajj e Badal may be performed once per person (even though the hanafimadhab allows for multiple Badal Hajj for the deceased) and BadalUmrah can be performed more than once. The person performing ‘Hajj Badal must have completed his/her own obligatory ‘hajj prior to completing it for someone else.

There are conditions without which Hajj Badal might not be accepted:

  • The person appointed to perform Hajj Badal must be a sane Muslim.
  • While entering into Ihram, he should make intention on behalf of the person for whom he/she will perform Hajj Badal.
  • The appointed person who performs Hajj Badal should perform the type of Hajj according to the desire of the person who sent them (Hajj Al-Tamattu, Hajj Al-Qiran).
  • The appointed person should not miss any imperative (Fard) part of the Hajj as no type of compensation can render Hajj Badal.
  • Hajj sacrifice is not inclusive in your booking through Qurbani Easy. If you are participating in Hajj-e-Badal, kindly note that you must separately book your sacrifice.