Qurbani on Eid Ul Adha/Eid ul Azha

The practice of qurbani can be traced back to [Ibrahim], who dreamt that God ordered him to sacrifice his most precious thing. Ibhrahim(swh) was in a dilemma as he couldn’t determine what was his most precious thing. Then he realized it was his son’s life. He had faith in God’s command. He let his son know the purpose why he was taking his son out of their home. His son Ismail agreed to follow God’s command, however, God intervened and informed him that his sacrifice had been accepted. And replaced his son with a sheep. This replacement seems to point to either the religious institutionalisation of sacrifice itself, or to the future self-sacrifices of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his companions (who were destined to emerge from the progeny of Ishmael) in the cause of their faith. From that day onward, every Eid al-Adha once a year, Muslims around the world slaughter an animal to commemorate Ibrahim’s sacrifice and to remind themselves of abnegation.


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