Online Qurbani Australia

Qurbani in Australia is no different from other countries. Yet there is one BIG difference. Quality of Australian meat.

Australian meat (be it lamb, goat or cow) is famous all over the world and this makes your Qurbani perfect. Slaughtering an animal which is ticking all the boxes gives you satisfaction that you are presenting your best to the God in the form of a sacrificial animal.

In New South Wales and Queensland, most of the people prefer doing their online Qurbani but you can also go to a farm house and get it done in front of you. Prices vary but an average Qurbani can be done in 100 to 150 Australian dollars. Most people prefer sacrificing a lamb as it is more convenient. There are options available to have your Online Qurbani done in Australia and meat distributed in other countries. In fact there are options to have your Online Qurbani done in Australia, meat cooked and tin-packed in New Zealand and distributed to poor people in other countries.

As Australia in general (and Sydney, Victoria in particular) is very multi-cultural, so you don’t need to explain it to most people what Qurbani (buy online goat)is all about as people do have an idea about this annual Muslim practice.

So next time you are in Sydney during Eid-ul-Azha time, have your Qurbani done here and enjoy the world famous Australian meat. BUT, do not forget to include the poor and needy when you consume your Qurbani meat.

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