Fatima Khan​

Fatima Khan - Public Relations Officer at Qurbani Easy

Fatima Khan – Public Relations Officer at Qurbani Easy

As the Public Relations Officer at Qurbani Easy, Fatima Khan is a dedicated professional responsible for managing and enhancing vital communication aspects within the organization. With a keen focus on fostering positive relationships with the public, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the external image of Qurbani Easy.


In her capacity as the PR Officer, Fatima oversees and executes various responsibilities that contribute to the overall success of Qurbani Easy:

Strategic Communication: Fatima is adept at developing and implementing effective communication strategies. Her strategic approach ensures that the organization’s mission, values, and initiatives related to sacrificial offerings are communicated clearly and persuasively.

Media Management: With a keen eye for media relations, Fatima manages interactions with the press and other media outlets. She ensures that QurbaniEasy’s narrative is accurately represented and positively portrayed in the public domain.

Stakeholder Engagement: Fatima actively engages with stakeholders to build and maintain positive relationships. Her collaborative approach strengthens ties with the community, customers, and partners, fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

Transparency and Seamless Execution: Fatima contributes to the transparent and seamless execution of Qurbani services. Her commitment to reliability and trust in the process enhances the overall image of Qurbani Easy as a trustworthy platform for individuals seeking a convenient and ethical solution for their sacrificial needs.

Professional Impact:

Through her diligent efforts, Fatima Khan has significantly contributed to positioning Qurbani Easy as a trusted and reputable platform. Her role is integral to the organization’s success in providing a reliable and ethical solution for individuals seeking a seamless experience for their sacrificial requirements.

Fatima’s commitment to excellence, strategic communication skills, and dedication to maintaining positive relationships make her an invaluable asset to the Qurbani Easy team.