Qurbani in UAE

The local traditional community In the UAE prefer to sacrifice Camel on Eid Ul Adha occasion which is very limited and since 84% population in the UAE are expects mostly are from India, Pakistan and other arab origin countries and here during the Eid for buy a goat can cost up to 2,000 Dirham due to increased transport costs. They can buy a goat, cow or camel form any of UAE cattle market and can sacrifice them in the cattle market only because sacrifices the animals at home and in the other places are prohibited in the UAE.

UAE is one of top richest countries in world and poor population is very limited even to find a beggar here is big task and classification of the Qurbani meat to the poor people is not possible here. After the sacrifices the animal either we can bring the meat with us or it will be given to the charitable trusts in the UAE.

traders of Dubai cattle market import the goats 🐐 from India via air cargo transport which cost them more than double than the sea cargo and they must have paid the costume as well. That’s the reason for buy a goat 🐐 for Qurbani during the Eid can cost Dh2,000 and more.

The livestock of the animals from Pakistani, Iran and Australian goats are in less in demand due to the higher cost on import and lower profitability.

Livestock goats price are also depend on their weight like Dh2,000 for a large goat or sheep (around 35kg) and Dh600 for a small one (around 15kg) Dh3,000 for larger goats weighing around 40kg. Dh3,500 for an “80kg” goat. These are average figures of 2019 and because of that we have seen huge slowdown in Qurbani because people start using the online Qurbani platforms for example https://qurbanieasy.com  many others websites and they are providing all the facilities as per ISLAMIC’s convention method and norms and few of web platforms are recording the video of the sacrifices animals and allow there online customers to watch if required and the best part is customers are getting all these facilities in very low price. that’s one of the reason experts are preferring to perform Qurbani either via online platforms or in their home country because as a Muslim we know that the purpose of the Qurbani is IBADAH and while using the online Qurbani method it will not change.


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