Shagufta Batool​

Shagufta Batool - Admin Head at Qurbani Easy

ShaguftaBatool – Admin Head at Qurbani Easy

Meet ShaguftaBatool, the dedicated Admin Head at Qurbani Easy, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our dynamic team.

Professional Summary:

As the Admin Head, ShaguftaBatool combines exceptional coordination skills with a compassionate leadership approach, fostering a work environment where every team member is inspired to contribute their best.

Key Responsibilities:

Workforce Management:Shagufta takes pride in carefully addressing the needs of our dynamic workforce. Her role involves efficient management and coordination to ensure that the team operates smoothly and collaboratively.

Morale Boosting: Maintaining high morale within the organization is a key focus for Shagufta. Her genuine passion for making a positive impact reflects in her efforts to create a workplace where team members feel motivated and valued.

Compassionate Leadership: Driven by a sincere concern for the oppressed population of India, Shagufta channels her energy into leading the team with compassion. Her leadership style is characterized by understanding, empathy, and a commitment to creating a positive work culture.

Administrative Acumen:ShaguftaBatool brings administrative acumen to her role, ensuring effective team management. Her organizational skills contribute to a well-structured and smoothly functioning administrative system within Qurbani Easy.

Professional Impact:

Shagufta’s dedication is instrumental in aligning the team’s efforts toward the common goal of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those Qurbani Easy serves. Through her compassionate leadership and efficient administrative approach, she creates an environment where every team member is empowered to contribute to the organization’s mission.

ShaguftaBatool’s commitment to fostering a positive work culture and her genuine passion for making a difference make her an invaluable leader within the Qurbani Easy team.